Size: 114 CM x 87 CM

Country of Production: Iran 

Density: 30 x 30 Knots per Square Inch 

Material: Wool; Silk

Description: This rug is an original Ali Nasab design. The Alinasab studio Ali Nasab Tabriz produces a number of pictorial textiles with realistic expressions. Among the many famous studios in Tabriz, Ali Nasab Studio is widely known as a studio that weaves Persian textiles using the work of Mahamud Farszjyan, a miniature painter from Isfahan, a world-renowned artist, as an original. The founder of Ali Nasab was founded by Mir-Ari-Akbar Hosseini, who adopted the title of Ali Nasab at the age of ten in his studio. Early means “sublime” or “excellent”, and Nasab means “bloodline”, “family” or “feature”, and Alinasab means “honored family”. 

アリナサーブ ペルシャ

SKU: TSF6361
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